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Title: Proper Car Seat Use Protects Kids

Category: Child Care


Automobile accidents are the number one killer of small children over age one in America. Last year there were 450 deaths of children under four involved in car crashes and over 40,000 serious injuries. Much of this could have been prevented by the proper use of "Lifesaver". "Lifesaver" is a car seat which, if properly used, will protect infants and small children from injury when involved in a car accident.

There are several types of car seats on the market and it is important to have one that is recommended by the National Highway Safety Administration. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

1. Using your car seat with your child's first ride. 

2. Follow manufacturers' installation exactly as written (provided the seat does meet the federal motor vehicle safety standard for car seats).

3. Check to make sure the seat was manufactured after January 1, 1981.

4. Be certain the car seat you are using fits properly into the vehicle you are driving. (Follow the owner's manual for specific instructions regarding your vehicle's seat belts.)

5. Make sure all the harness straps are tight and buckle your child in snugly. If your baby is under 20 lbs., the seat should be faced backward, in other words toward the back seat. 6. Be committed to using the car seat now and buckle yourself in as well and all of your children. For more information on how to select the best infant car seat, write:

Safe Ride Program
141 North Westpoint Blvd.
P. O. Box 927 
Elkgrove Village, IL 60009-0927


Ask for the American Academy of Pediatrics Family Shopping Guide to Car Seats, send a self-addressed stamped envelope.