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Title: Steriod Use Condemed by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Category: Child Care


Adolescents in America, as around the world, are under pressure to compete in sports. Several of these sports have a high degree of steroid abuse. The American Academy of Pediatrics would like all coaches, teachers and parents to be well aware of the high risks of engaging in steroid use.

Major risks to anyone whether they be a child or an adult include:

1. Tumors of the liver.

2. Decrease in serum high density lipoprotein which may correlate as future heart disease.

3. Changes in the male sperm and hormone production.

4. Psychological changes, including severe mood swings and aggressive behavior.

All of these are obviously undesirable side-effects and young athletes need to realize that these could very well happen to them even after a short term use of anabolic steroids.

As a society, we need to realize that caring for the healthy bodies God gives us is much more important than being first in a given sport or competition. Hopefully from the professional athletes on down, we will see better examples of taking healthy care of ourselves and not abusing dangerous anabolic steroids.