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Title: How Do We Teach Our Children To Pray

Category: Positive Parenting


     Modeling is the #1 way to teach our children to pray.  If we as parents do not pray regularly, then no sermons to our children will teach them to pray.  Since prayer is communication with our Heavenly Father it is important that we keep an open door with our children.  If our children don't feel like they can approach us and talk to us, how can they talk to their Heavenly Father.  We must be approachable as God who is completely approachable.  We must commit time to our children and have a home and lifestyle where our children feel they can come to us at any time even when we seem busy.  They must feel free and welcome to ask us questions and just to be with us. 

      Children can learn to pray just as soon as they can learn to walk and talk.  Prayer is just like a natural conversation except that it involves a Heavenly Father who always listens. 

      If we teach our children that God cares about them and all their problems we must also show concern and involvement in those problems.  We must practice what we believe. 

      Prayer does not always receive an immediate answer.  Children learn to anticipate some answer, however, either yes, no or we must wait.  When children come to us they deserve some answer also.  They do not deserve to be ignored. 

            The best praying is simple open communication from the heart.  Prayer is central to faith and religion.  It is a very important ingredient in the Judeo/Christian lifestyle.  Ideally we as parents will be good role models of prayer and enthusiastic about sharing it. If we are, our children will likely follow our example and be blessed by it.