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Title: National PTA Will Help Police Children's TV

Category: Positive Parenting


     The National PTA met recently in New Orleans and decided to actively monitor children's TV.  Congress is behind them and is encouraging people at the local level to monitor their local broadcasts.  A law has been passed by Congress this past year which allows citizens to do just that.  Unless people in communities across the country take this law seriously and make the effort to keep up with children's TV continued violence, sex, and pressure selling of children's cereals, candy, toys, etc. will continue as in the past. 

     The last monitoring by the PTA of kids TV shows in the "70's" led to some decrease in violence on TV but then it began rising when the watchdog effort declined.  Since the early "80's"  there has been a consistent climb in violence on children's TV according to Peggy Charen of the Action for Children's Television organization.  Currently there are between 20 and 25 violent acts per hour on children's television shows. 

     The Federal Communications Commission is telling stations if you don't comply with a better quality of programming and less violence etc., local consumers do have the right to challenge you.  The American Academy of Pediatrics is 100% behind the PTA, the Action for Children's Television group, and any other serious group concerned with quality programming for our children.  I hope all of us as parents and concerned citizens will back the PTA and the American Academy of Pediatrics in this worthy goal.