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Title: Importance of Controlling Dust Mites in Allergy Prone Children

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The most highly suspected cause of increasing allergies world-wide is the way we build our homes and buildings. In other words, we build them so air-tight and well insulated that indoor pollutants such as dust mites, molds, pet hair, and other proteins have no way
to ventilate or blow outside, consepuently, they stack up in high quantities and susceptible allergy patients breathe them in. Studies on dust mites especially are convincing. A critical quantitative number has been shown to prevent sensitization to mites. That magic number is to keep the dust mite concentration
under 2 micrograms per millimeter of dust in our homes and buildings. Many American homes have over 10 to 20 times that amount, so it is not easy to keep the numbers that low. The best  ways to limit mites is to not have wall-to-wall carpeting, and to ventilate the house well. Wet mop and dust every possible surface
regularly. Cover pillows and mattresses with vinyl or plastic covers. If you do have fixed carpets, treat them with Acarasan or tannic acid then vacuum thoroughly. Children and mite allergy patients must be out of the house while cleaning. These measures are very important and may even be life-saving in children who are highly prone to have asthma, hayfever and eczema.