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Title: Why We Must Respect Life!

Category: Inspiration

As we pass the 21st anniversary of Rowe vs. Wade, Im reminded that approximately 35 million abortions have occurred in America. Along with those are included tens of thousands of partial birth abortions occurring in the third trimester. Could the fact that we allow this to legally happen in America have anything to do with our escalating violence. I believe the answer is a certain yes. Along with our attitudes of legal protection for abortions even if for convenience of the pregnant mother and not for any help reason there are several other causes of our world class violence levels in the 80's and 90's in America. Certainly the break up of the family is a major cause. The lack of teaching kids to respect their neighbors, their teachers, and their elders is probably a cause as well. The lack of discipline in the home and schools is another cause. Finally, the attitude of violent TV, movies, and music without any consequences is a factor as well.

The sad thing in my opinion is that America has everything going for it. We have freedom, tremendous natural resources, great opportunities for the advancement in education and professions, and the highest standard living in the history of mankind. Despite all these blessings we seem to turn to the materialistic, self-centered, incircular as a society. It is a surprise then that we have such a high level of violence and lack of respect for human life.

We must have a spiritual renewal and return to traditional families headed by a God fearing praying Mother and Father. We must stop abortions and plans for legal euthanasia. We must renew a healthy respect for all life and take better care of the needy in our society. We truly are all interdependent and can do a much better job caring for our poor and defenseless especially our poor children.

Lets all start 1997 with an attitude toward supporting life, treasuring life, and truly reaching out to the needy around us. That is the example we must teach our children, that is the answer to turning the tie of senseless murders and want in violence. That is our hope for our truly better hope in America.