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Title: Dr. Brent's 7 Suggestions for Good Health

Category: Inspiration

1. Find a doctor who makes you feel "better" and who you can confide in. Write all questions, thoughts, and feelings. Be sure you ask and share your thoughts, feelings, and questions.

2. Breathe deeply and meditate daily. Fresh air (oxygen) is our life force.

3. Worry about nothing. Pray about everything and thank God when He answers your prayers. (Philippians; St. Paul).

4. Be your own healer. "Physician heal thyself." Learn to feel your body's messages and respond.

5. Lose yourself in others (eg - loving and serving others -- spouse, family, patients, clients, friends, community, country, and entire world like Rotary International).

6. Eat "fresh food" especially bright colored vegetables and fruits daily. Enjoy your meals and make it a "spiritual" experience.

7. Exercise regularly. Enjoy yourself. "Feel the steps" of your daily walks. Thank your body for it's perfect function.

Thoughts on Health and How to Live
(Inspired by 2 seminars given by Dr. Bernie Siegel at the Body & Soul Conference in Austin, TX on May 23, 1999)

1. How do you live the "dash"?

2. Live your chocolate ice cream (story of monk, son, patient John Flourio, and the older lady physician).

3. Pay attention to messages and inspirations. Keep a journal daily and find quiet meditative time daily.

4. Pay attention to your "feelings" and stop thinking, thinking, thinking all of the time.

5. Bring love to every life situation and you can properly resolve any challenge.

6. Find your passions and live them. Work at what you love and love your work. That's when you enter a "flow" mode and time takes on a new dimension.

7. Who is truly wise? The one who asks for criticism (Ex.: Dr. Siegel's patient at Christmas and the bottle of wine).

8. The more love you bring into your life and the more you can learn to love yourself, the less you will have need for addictions.

9. Life is a series of beginnings. Graduation is a commencement (start). Get out your childhood pictures and place them where you live and work. See the kid in yourself and be very forgiving of yourself.

10. Don't expect or try to be a perfect green leaf. Leaves like all of us turn brown, red, and yellow. Be proud of your uniqueness.

11. Be more loose about your body. Don't be so uptight. Listen to your feelings and love your body just as it is. Accept your spouse just as they are. Your are of divine nature and quality.

12. When it is time for a candle to burn out (eg. our life) it is time for it to burn out. So live your life and follow your soul's journey. The great prophets have told us how to live. So do pets; they know they're here to love and be loved.

13. If you're having problems with your kids, say nice things about them when they are not there. Talk about how much you love them when they're not in the room. This will get back to them and they will know it is sincere.

14. Keep saying to your kids that they are precious and beautiful. When grandma sees a beautiful kid, the kid starts to feel beautiful.