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Title: How To Really Know Your Child

Category: Positive Parenting


      How to Really Know Your Child is an excellent new book by one of my favorite parenting authors - Dr. Ross Campbell.  A few highlights and suggestions from his book follow.

      One million teenagers become pregnant each year and half have abortions.  Five hundred thousand young people are found delinquent annually in the courts.  Suicide and murder are the second and third leading causes of death for youths under 21 years of age.

      Dr. Campbell recommends, in light of these statistics, parenting with a strong Christian faith and sharing and teaching that faith to our children.  There will be many challenges  we face as parents and we should always be perceptive, listen well and, above all else, model the lifestyle we want our children to follow.

      We must let our children express their feelings and not become hostile when they express anger or sorrow or moodiness.  Dr. Campbell feels that the " spare the rod and spoil the child" philosophy is another frustrated way to assume control rather than to take charge.  He recommends "time-outs" and more appropriate and effective ways of discipline.

      As children see and feel acceptance, understanding and love from their earthly parents, they are more likely to believe the same about their heavenly parent, God, the Father.