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Title: Positive Parenting in the Chris D'Avy Way


My good friend Chris D'Avy and his wife Susan are two of the best parents I know. They have six children who are the nicest and most polite kids you'll ever meet. What are Chris and Susan doing right that we all might model?

First, they put God in the center of their home. They go to church every Sunday and pray together daily as a family. Most Saturday nights they meet with close friends and extended family and discuss their faith, sing, and generally praise and thank God for their blessings. They truly live their faith as parents and brothers and sisters. You can feel the charismatic attraction of
God's Holy Spirit in each one of them and their home. I believe their deep abiding Christian faith is their first and most important secret. 

Second, as a family they are optimistic and hopeful that all their true needs will be met. Each family member has lots of chores to do and sacrifices to make and all six kids accept them cheerfully. 

They live a simple, honest, slow paced life and spend a lot of time together. When the D'Avy kids receive a gift they truly appreciate it. They are a joy for me to see because of this rare (in today's world) sense of appreciation for little things. The children are totally unique in their temperaments and personalities. They all
work hard in school and make good grades. I feel sure they will all go to college and do well in their given fields. I wish I could instill their hopeful optimism, enthusiasm, and ambition in all the apathetic youth I see.

The third characteristic I see in the D'Avy home is an abundance of love. It is clear that Mom and Dad love each other and their kids very dearly. The six kids are very considerate and loving to each other too. As a family they exude love to everyone around them. 
When I visit their home I feel an immersion of love. What a family!  What a great living example of faith, hope and love for us all to follow!